Intelligent Leadership

What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

 Intelligent Leadership

Author: John Mattone
Pub Date: April 2013
Print Edition: $21.95
Print ISBN: 9780814439371
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432389

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What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

"John focuses on integrating a leader’s inner strength and outer competencies as the key to leadership success even in today’s environment of enormous challenge and global change.”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times Bestselling Author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

What makes a truly great leader—a leader with the power to inspire diverse and cynical individuals, to unite and motivate reluctant team members, and to turn around struggling organizations? In today’s business world of fast-and-furiously changing global competitors, precarious economic conditions, toughened regulations, and relentless challenges to delivering shareholder value, determining the answer to that question—and finding actual men and women who embody it or, quite certainly, could—is urgent.

One of today’s most respected experts on identifying and developing high-potential leaders, John Mattone defines great leaders by the strength of their strategic and tactical capabilities as well as their character. In his new book, INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential (AMACOM; March 28, 2013; $27.95 Hardcover), Mattone shares the benefit of his research insights, his leadership consulting experience, and his unique leadership self-assessment and development tools with leaders, current and future, who are energized and passionate about becoming the very best leaders they can be—both inside and out. Based on authoritative data and compelling real-life examples, Mattone reveals how truly great leadership is built on a foundation of three equally critical components: outer-core competencies, inner-core values, and maturity.

For leaders who are striving to overcome their own limiting thoughts and habits, who want to become more effective, strategic, operationally focused, and balanced, and who recognize that preparation is the key to unlocking incredible leadership opportunities, INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP provides a roadmap to success and the tools to get there. Using Mattone’s Leadership Wheel of Success™, Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index (STLI™), and Map of Leadership Maturity™ (Enneagram), readers will learn how to:

• Assess their capability in nine core strategic and tactical competencies: critical thinking, decision making, strategic thinking, emotional leadership, communication skills, talent leadership, team leadership, change leadership, and drive for results.

• Evaluate where they stand and how naturally they act on six critical elements of character: courage, diligence, gratitude, honesty, modesty, and loyalty.

• Determine their own hierarchy of ultimate values—altruism, affiliation, recognition, security, tradition, and power, among others—and the extent to which it supports or conflicts with the ideal character.

• Recognize their predominant leadership trait and style (head, heart, or gut) in nine distinct types, including the Helper, the Artist, the Thinker, the Disciple, the Activist, and the Arbitrator.

• Understand the degree of maturity they exhibit in the values, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of their own predominant trait, as well as in the eight other traits.

• Strengthen their maturity within all leadership traits and build rapport, trust, and credibility with individuals who exhibit different predominant traits from their own.

• Integrate their leadership capabilities and traits with their character and their commitment to the leadership calling.

Packed with helpful diagrams, useful diagnostics and rating scales, and eye-opening exercises, INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP is an invaluable guide for anyone in business, at any level, raring to make a positive, impactful, and lasting difference. As John Mattone assures every reader determined to be a great leader: “This book will prepare and cultivate your heart, mind, and soul so that you are poised to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of those with whom you work. In the role of leader, you have no more noble, worthy, or rewarding pursuit than unlocking and unleashing greatness in your employees and teams.”


JOHN MATTONE is the president of JohnMattonePartners, Inc., a global leadership consulting firm. Recently named to the “guru radar” by the prestigious Thinkers 50, he is a sought-after keynote speaker and coach to many of America's leading corporations, as well as serves as an executive MBA faculty member at Florida Atlantic University. His previous books include Talent Leadership (AMACOM; 2012). He lives in Longwood, Florida.

Title: INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

Author: John Mattone

Pub. Date: March 28, 2013

Price: $27.95 Hardcover

Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-0-8144-3237-2

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