AMACOM Press Releases

This part of our site is a resource for those of you in the media who would like to use information from or about our books in articles. Each month we will add press releases of our newly published books. If you need information on a title that is not listed here, please contact Irene Majuk, Director of Publicity, at imajuk[at]amanet[dot]org.

You may adapt our press releases for use in articles, but please remember the rules for our book content, which are listed below:

  1. Any copyright information that accompanies the content on our site must accompany that content wherever you use it.
  2. The content cannot be resold—remember, this is just for publicizing and promoting the sales of the books themselves.
  3. Book content cannot be altered. Descriptive copy about our books, from our press releases or our Website, can be copied work-for-word or rewritten so that you can add your own touch. If you are uncertain about your planned usage, please contact us.

The press releases listed below are in HTML format and listed alphabetically by title. You can also use the Search Box to look for the title you want. Simply search by Title or ISBN, being careful that you are searching the Books portion of the AMA site rather than other parts of the AMA organization. Your title search may bring you a listing that shows several pages for the same book. The URL that ends with PressRelease will take you to the press release for that ISBN number.